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Being in the Present Moment

July 29, 2005


Many spiritual teachers advise students to “stay in the present” or “be in the present moment.” But why is “staying present” considered important or valuable? In short, this teaching is an antidote to the habit of being lost in thoughts (which are usually about the past and the future). To help us become more aware […]

Beyond Belief

July 27, 2005


Teachers often say that mystical experience is something that ultimately cannot be described in words, and one has to directly experience it for oneself. It seems that without one’s own experience, then, one is left to either believe such experiences exist or not. So, how is this any different from a believer in unicorns telling […]

What is True Nature?

July 20, 2005


Each of us is drawn in our own unique way to the spiritual life. Perhaps a personal crisis suddenly forced you to ask deeper questions about existence. Maybe your longing for more meaning in life gradually increased to the point where you could no longer ignore it. Or you might have simply exhausted all other […]