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1, 2, 3 Creation

January 30, 2009


The creation of the cosmos, or cosmogenesis, may be symbolized as an emanation from a nondual reality (1) into duality (2), trinity (3), and further multiplicity. This archetypal pattern is represented in the universal symbol of the tree of life. At its base, the tree is a single trunk, representing the cosmic axis, or axis […]

Pseudo-problems in Physics

November 25, 2008


Most problems in physics are genuine problems with interesting solutions. There are a few problems, though, that are described as problems of physics, but are actually pseudo-problems. They arise from a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of theories. One such problem arises as the explanatory gap between the abstract description of the world by a […]

A Moving Image of Eternity

November 24, 2008


What is the nature of time? In our contemporary culture, this is considered a question for physics to answer. In Einstein’s general relativity, time (as well as space) are relative and dynamic, depending on gravity and mass. Time is part of the nature of the physical world. In the Timaeus, Plato also expresses a view […]

A Reconciliation of the Linear and Circular

October 19, 2008


The concepts of linear and circular are root metaphors in many worldviews. For example, linear and circular provide root metaphors for the conception of time. The linear and circular are fundamentally different in several respects. The circular, for example, has the quality of recurrence while the linear has the quality of infinite extension without repetition. […]

Quantum Holism, EPR, and Bell’s Theorem

January 20, 2008


Quantum entanglement is a revelation of the undivided wholeness of nature. We find quantum physics so mystifying largely because we typically presuppose that nature is merely the sum of its parts, and not an undivided whole. When a physicist views nature through the lens of an experiment, the measurements isolate and reveal only fragments of […]

What Changes with Awakening?

November 25, 2007


A paradox of Awakening is that, from one perspective, it may be described as an event in time that somehow changes something about experience at a fundamental level. It is a radical shift from a dualistic to nondualistic way of consciousness, a liberation from delusion. Yet, from another perspective, it may be described as Recognition […]

The Law of Attraction and the Law of Karma

June 26, 2007


The “Law of Attraction” (which I understand is the “secret” of “The Secret”) apparently states that our thoughts/actions/intentions “attract” corresponding experiences into our lives. While rational Westerners might dismiss this as mere “magical” thinking, the world we experience is not simply “given” to us, either. Our thoughts play a powerful role in constructing/mediating our experience […]