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Uniting Heaven and Earth

February 1, 2009


The heavens have long symbolized the eternal, changeless perfection of the divine, while the earth has symbolized the ephemeral, changing flux of existence. Since ancient times, this division of heaven and earth has been a profound symbol of the separation humans feel from their divine source. We experience ourselves as ephemeral beings exiled from the […]

1, 2, 3 Creation

January 30, 2009


The creation of the cosmos, or cosmogenesis, may be symbolized as an emanation from a nondual reality (1) into duality (2), trinity (3), and further multiplicity. This archetypal pattern is represented in the universal symbol of the tree of life. At its base, the tree is a single trunk, representing the cosmic axis, or axis […]

Aspects of Quantum Measurement

November 28, 2008


In the mathematical formalism of quantum theory, there are two levels that are important to keep clearly distinct: 1) observables/operators and 2) outcomes/eigenstates. At the first level, one observable is selected by the experimenter from among various observables. At the second level, the measurement of a selected observable is actually performed and an outcome is […]

Pseudo-problems in Physics

November 25, 2008


Most problems in physics are genuine problems with interesting solutions. There are a few problems, though, that are described as problems of physics, but are actually pseudo-problems. They arise from a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of theories. One such problem arises as the explanatory gap between the abstract description of the world by a […]