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Open to the Infinite

October 9, 2006


(An invited contribution to The Vision Project) Underneath our everyday problems and their usual solutions are the profound questions of life. These questions call us to look deeper into the nature of ourselves and reality. This is not a call to turn away from the normal challenges we face, but rather to see them in […]

Deconstructing the Subject-Object Distinction

August 9, 2006


Our normal experience is of a world of objects or phenomena that are distinct from a subject or experiencer of them. Mystics, however, claim that this distinction is imaginary and not real. Insofar as we experience it as real, our experience is a distortion of the true nature of reality. One way to investigate this […]

Substantiality is Inversely Proportional to Ponderability

July 31, 2006


Closely related to the topic of the earlier post on universals and particulars is an important philosophical insight in the mystical unfoldment of Franklin Merrell-Wolff, i.e., the aphorism “Substantiality is inversely proportional to ponderability.” Below is a brief discussion of this aphorism, followed by an example of what it might mean in our own experience. […]

How do You Know if Someone is Enlightened?

May 18, 2006


There are some spiritual teachers who claim to be Enlightened, and yet their actions may not seem very Enlightened. This creates doubt about whether or not they are really Enlightened or not. Is there a way to know? What are the signs of Enlightenment? How can you know for sure if someone else is Enlightened? […]