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Simone Weil on studying as a spiritual practice

October 2, 1995


Excerpted from Simone Weil, Waiting for God, pp. 105-116: The development of the faculty of attention forms the real object and almost the sole interest of studies. . .Never in any case whatever is a genuine effort of the attention wasted. It always has its effect on the spiritual plane. . .If we concentrate our attention […]

Unified Theories in Science and Religion

January 1, 1994


Introduction Just as a unified theory of everything in physics would show how complementary theories of physics are compatible, a more comprehensive understanding of religious concepts would show how many complementary religious concepts are compatible. Even if we don’t yet see how apparently contradictory views can be harmonized, we need to have faith that this […]

A Short Exposition on Dimensions and Fractal Dimensions

June 30, 1993


Thomas J. McFarlane Dimensions A dimension is a direction of freedom. We speak of space as having three dimensions because there are three independent directions in which we are free to move and because positions in space can be specified by exactly three measurements. A surface, such as sphere, has two dimensions because there are […]

Creation: The Creative Forms Underlying Nature at All Levels

December 2, 1986


Thomas J. McFarlane December 1986 Introduction Creation is elusive. It defies definition and attempts at reduction. At the same time, creation is unquestionably important. This paper is not a courageous attempt to precisely define creation — it only attempts to clarify my understanding of a beautiful process underlying nature at all levels, a process at […]